A transgender rapper made a recent telephone call into Streetz Disciplez Radio and made it his/her point to air out his/her and Chingy's "down low" relationship.

The rapper, named Foxxjazell claims to have been in an on and off relationship with the St. Louis rapper since his hit, "Right Thurr", and claimed the two have hooked up on multiple occasions.

After hearing of the rumor, Chingy made a run to the internet to kill all the rumors.

"I don't have a secret lifestyle, my n****. Like what is you talking about?" Chingy asked.

"I just wanted to address that and let everybody know -- that probably seen that bullsh** -- that it's some straight bullsh**. Motherf***ers got too much time on they hands," he continued.

This isn't the first time information like this has come out about Chingy. Rick Ross denied being a C.O. for a while, maybe Chingy will tell the truth in a year or so.

Check out the video of Foxxjazell's interview here.
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