Lil Boosie A No Show

by Profit |

Lil Boosie is following Webbie's footsteps. Lil Boosie failed to appear at a show in Omaha, Nebraska and fans were not happy about it.

A little over 900 people paid around $30 to attend the Lil Boosie concert at Sokol Underground, and they didn't get to see the person they paid for.

A little after 11:00pm, all the fans were told to exit the venue without seeing the performance. Well...that didn't sit too well with them. Fans soon became irate and ripped a ticket booth out of the wall and started piling into the streets.

The police came to the scene and made a couple arrests and things eventually calmed down.

It's unknown whether or not tickets will be refunded, and Lil Boosie hasn't made a statement regarding the issue.
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