Cashis got at Royce for dissing Eminem, now Royce's brother responds to Cashis.

I didn't edit this at all:

"First to respond to Redrum Royce don't live nowhere near southfield homeboy we was kids balling in them apartments in 2002 he actually live near the deers and I literally mean the deers... Second of all If any of you know about the city of Detroit then you know who live and who ain't I personally hav'nt spoken to Royce about this craziness but I have been in the city getting my bread all the way up really all the way up so If your will willing to borrow some money from somebody and you're really willing to scrap it out with royce I got 20,000 cash right now and if you need a youtube video seeing it let me know!! but I need to invest more money and that seem's like a great way for me to double up. Ask em about the Kid Trelittle and I'm in streets everyday So please be easy homie cause there's no just walking around Detroit like you got it and if you do please ask or better yet beg em to put searge on detail cause you pissing people off and that's my word."
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