Justo Awards Are Here

by Profit |

The Justo Awards Have Arrived!!!

Be sure to vote for New York's #1 Mix Tape D.J. Rob E. Rob at Themixtapeawardsonline.com for Best New Mixtape D.J. and Best R&B Mixtape D.J.

Why shouldn't D.J. Rob E. Rob take home these two titles? One thing is for sure; no other D.J. comes close to his caliber as far as the Mixtape Game is concerned. With an original swagger unsurpassed by none and a keen ability to compile the best Mixtapes of this generation, Rob E. Rob is undoubtedly the best. The Justo Awards definitely noticed this fact with these prestigious nominations. Taking home the trophies however, is the ultimate goal. HeavyMovement also notices Rob’s limitless potential and would like to thank the fans in advance for their love and support. So log on to Themixtapeawardsonline.com and vote right now for Rob E. Rob for the titles of Best New Mixtape D.J. and Best R&B Mixtape D.J.
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