Who is Nickelus F you may ask. Well...let me bring you up to speed.

He was BET 106 & Park's “Freestyle Friday” champion 7 weeks straight and inducted into Hall Of Fame (5/11/2007-6/22/2007). He was endorsed by the homie Illseed on AllHipHop.com for his song inspired by the Virginia Tech Tragedy (“Not like This”). Nickelus F was Unsigned Hype in The Source Magazine in 2000 when he was 17 years old. And currently, he is getting ready to go on the “Straight, No Chaser” European tour April 2008 with Dead Prez.

“I’ve sold a few thousand CD's doing me… Now I want to sell millions doing it for the people,” says Nickelus F.

The Richmond, VA native and top prospect for A&R’s across the country has had his share of ups and downs on the road to success. “My inspiration comes mainly from experiences and emotions,” explains Nickelus F. “I’m not a super thug, I’m just a regular dude, but I’ve done some grimy sh*t in my life.”

Nickelus F has lived through it all and is brutally honest in his music. Music to him is not a 9 to 5, it is a beast spirit that possesses him. The fruit of his labor with that beast is what he offers. He brings the stance and attitude of a warrior with him into the studio and the stage.

So Cash, you had it right yesterday when you posted "This ni**a is ridiculous. Some serious heat on his page and mixtapes".

Check Nickelus F out at his official website www.nickelusf.com or at one of his myspace pages:

www.myspace.com/nickelusf or www.myspace.com/nickfury
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